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During a trip to South Africa in February of 2020 I had the pleasure of meeting my friends sister, Olivia Krok-Frances, who four years prior helped fundraise and rebuild the Masibulele Educenter in Khayelitsha, one of South Africas largest townships - transforming it from a shack to a safe building with the facilities needed to take care of the students and ensure they have a safe environment to learn and grow. Olivia invited us to spend an afternoon with them at Greenpoint Park the following week, where these photographs were taken.  

Since our day at the park, the Covid-19 outbreak has forced the school to close and has left them unable to feed their students or pay their teachers. If you are able to, please consider donating to Masibulele. Your money will go directly to sending food packages to the children and paying teachers their salaries so they can feed themselves and their families.

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